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We live in a stressful world, and that affects all of us in different ways. Not knowing what to expect from day to day can make us feel anxious, irritable, and on edge. We may even have difficulty sleeping. Without proper sleep, we are not functioning at our best. Even if we feel like we are handling all of life’s uncertainties as well as possible, we remain unaware of the potential of a brain that is running with all systems connected and on a full tank of fuel.  More often than necessary, our brain is overcompensating in certain areas, making life way more difficult than it needs to be!

That’s where we come in. At In The Cortex, our mission is to empower people through a brain transformation that optimizes the potential of their brain. While this sounds like a monumental task, it’s actually profoundly simple and accessible. The simple exercises we teach can enable new neural pathways that can be carried out by anyone of any age, and in just a few minutes a day! Another key component of our program is teaching you how to reconnect to positive beliefs about yourself and the world. Our clients tell us this one reconnect exercise has been key in transforming areas of their lives they never thought possible.

We were drawn to the concept of neuroplasticity when we realized how simple movements can actually result in long term symptom reduction and elimination for children with conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, autism, and many other neurodevelopmental challenges. Our vision expanded when we witnessed just how much parents were being affected by their own children’s struggles. We recognized the need to include the entire family. It was then we began to see more rapid results with our holistic approach.

Today, we want to make our innovative and effective program available to anyone who wants to expand their potential. We work with children of all ages from neurotypical and mainstream children to children with multiple diagnosis. We also help adults that are neurotypical or have certain challenges that range from individuals, parents, and caregivers to business professionals and leaders seeking better daily outcomes in social-emotional skills, focus, endurance, and mental acuity. Over and over again, our clients have shown us that the brain can change, and we can’t wait to show you how – no matter who you are!