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Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, had a famous saying: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” 

That may be true in terms of what you believe about yourself and your brain’s ability to change. The good news is that your brain actually wants to work optimally. When we exercise these simple movements, the brain and the body work together to get in sync to bring all the areas of the brain online and working efficiently. All of this happens seamlessly whether we believe it can happen or not. It’s simply how it works.

Neuroplasticity is a concept that was discovered and subsequently forgotten about several times over the past few centuries, but it really took hold as an important discovery in the early 1970’s by Michael Merzenich (ironically, when he was trying to prove the opposite!). The latest in neuroplasticity research tells us that the brain is able to change throughout the lifetime and we can influence its growth. Our program is based on the discovery of neuroplasticity, and utilizes the latest research on optimizing human development and integrating retained reflexes to deliver a series of exercises that are quick and effective with lasting results.

So again…the good news is that your brain can change whether you believe it or not.

The great news is that positive belief in your brain’s abilities can actually accelerate your progress! As Dr. Bruce Lipton said in his “Biology of Belief” talk at Stanford University (2009), “…when you perceive the world then that information goes and is handled by the processing of your mind…your mind creates a story about what’s happening and then what does your mind do? Well your mind, responding to the perception then causes the release of the chemistry of the brain and that chemistry controls the behavior and genetics of your cells. As you change your mind, you change your biology!” 

Your brain, as the control center of your biology, is greatly influenced by your mind and what you think it is capable of. You can do all the brain exercises in the world and they will help develop optimal neural pathways; however, if you believe it is a struggle to do it, then it will likely take a lot longer than if you approach your brain development with excitement and positive expectation!

We are not suggesting there will never be some skepticism; after all, if you have been struggling, you may live with the story that good things only come to other people and not to you. You would not be the only client who has initially felt this way. We can unequivocally say that you have nothing to lose, except for some negative beliefs that have been shielding you from seeing your true potential.

You are creating your life whether it is with your own beliefs or someone else’s – are you ready to choose the beliefs that will lead to the actions that optimize your life?

Are you ready to believe that your brain can change?…In your cortex?