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There are some really great things about our program that sets us apart from any other. For example, anyone can do our program. That’s right, anyone. Another great aspect of this program is that it requires little to no equipment. All of the movements can be done using nothing other than your body. Depending on your body and the type of flooring you have access to, there is one movement that might have you wishing for some knee pads. Some clients only require knee pads at the beginning of the program until their body adapts to moving in a new way.  

You might be thinking “Do I need to purchase knee pads?” If you don’t already have a pair, you don’t need to buy any. You can get creative! Clients have come up with creative solutions like using thick socks or a simple sewing pattern. Other clients decide to buy a pair of dedicated knee pads, and that’s a fine investment. We encourage you to consider that your body may adapt quickly, and knee pads won’t be used for very long, so a homemade solution may work out after all.